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World War 1 Head Quarters

Medical Treatment of WW1

In WWI, there millions of wounded soldiers. If they survived, it was very important to get them away from the battle zone, so they could get medical care. After they were carried by stretcher bearers, eventually they would reach an ambulance that would carry them the rest of the way to life saving treatment. There were horse drawn ambulances, air ambulances, Red Cross trucks, motor ambulances, field ambulances, and others. Soldiers needed to be taken to the proper medical facility fast or else they usually died.If a soldier was gassed they were given 24 hours rest, those seriously gassed were given hospital ret, and also medical treatments. 

The Path To Treatment

The WW1 medical evacuation pathway for wounded soldiers was complex and sophisticated

Where in The Body Were The Most Injuries in WWI?

New types of weapon inflicted new types of injury