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World War 1 Head Quarters

How World War 1 Started

World War 1 originally started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The assassination only ignited the war, it did not cause it. 

Most of Europe was trying to grow beyond it's borders and were trying to build up their military. There were a lot of countries that were new, being formed by a common culture and language. 

To stay in power these countries had Allies, which was when countries signed treaties to protect each other.

As shown in the picture on the upper right, there were two groups, the Triple Alliance (blue) included Germany, Italy, and Austria- Hungary. There was also the Triple Entente (red), this included France, Russia, and England.

The war started when Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia, then because of an alliance with Serbia, Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary. Because of another alliance, Germany stepped in. Then all of the Alliances were in effect.