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World War 1 Head Quarters


Food was not easy to get to because of difficulties in the trenches, so they didn't have a lot of food. It was even considered a luxury especially hot food from the field kitchens. But that could be impossible to get during battle. The soldiers had daily rations which were their allowance of food that they would get each day. 


Because of the war Americans had to stop eating certain foods on certain days. So that they could send more money to provide for the war. They had meatless Mondays and wheat less Wednesdays. Because of wheat less Wednesday the U.S stopped drinking beer one reason was because the beer was made of wheat and the other was because most beer was provided by the Germans. The Germans had it rough too, they had at least one type of food that they couldn't eat every day of every week.

General Daily Rations

 The general daily rations for a British soldier were:

 -20 ounces of bread -1/10 gill lime if vegetables (not        issued)
-16 ounces of flour (instead of bread)  -½ gill of rum
   -3 ounces of cheese   -maximum of 20 ounces of tobacco
   -5/8 ounces of tea   -1/3 chocolate (optional)
   -4 ounces of jam   -4 ounces of oatmeal (instead of bread)
   -½ ounce of salt   -1 pint of porter (instead of rum)
   -1/36 ounce of pepper   -4 ounces of dried fruit (instead of jam)
   -1/20 ounce of mustard   -4 ounces of butter/margarine
   -8 ounces of fresh vegetables   -2 ounces of dried vegetables


The general daily rations for a German soldier were:

   -26 ½ ounces of bread
   -17 ½ of field biscuits
   -14 ounces of egg biscuit
   -53 ounces of potatoes
   -4 ½ ounces vegetables
   -2 ounces dried vegetables