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World War 1 Head Quarters

World War I


  • The Spanish Flu caused about 1/3 of total military deaths.
  • The total cost of the war for the United States over $30 billion.
  • WW1 was the 6th deadliest conflict in the world.
  • WW1 fought on every ocean and almost every continent from 1914-1918. Most of the fighting took place in Europe.
  • Germans were the first to use flamethrowers in WW1.
  • Russia mobilized 12 million troops during WWI.
  • The United States joined WWI during the final year and half of fighting.
  • Hundred Day Offensive was the bloodiest battle of WW1.
  • World War I was not called that until World War II. People mainly referred to it as "The Great War" or "The War to End All Wars."
  • They put gas masks on horses and dogs.

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